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Reasons for Customize side of Create A Cake not to work.

• The Customize side of Create A Cake is not compatible with mobile devices. (Please ensure you use either a laptop or a desktop for best results)
• Check which internet browser you are using. (We recommend Safari or Google Chrome)
• Your image must be under 2mb in size to upload.
• Since you are uploading an image, the following file formats can only be accepted. (JPEG and or PNG)
Word documents and PDF due to them not been image based can not be uploaded.

If you have any more questions please contact Create A Cake on

P: (02) 9828 0700


1. Nutritional Information and Application

Find out more about the Nutritional Information for the edible images, and how to apply and store our images.


2. How to Customise an Image 

3. Tutorial on how to apply cake topper scenes

This short instructional video shows you the best way to apply your edible cake scene to your cake.